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What is Luxurious Beauty Booking ?

Luxurious Beauty Booking is a digital platform for booking beauty services (hairdressing, makeup, manicure, treatments, etc.). LBB offers the services of several teams of experienced artists who can be mobilized at any time, whatever your needs

Whether on a yacht or in the suite of a hotel, our teams of artists travel throughout the French Riviera and Monaco.

Our slogan


Your confidentiality is essential and we do our best to respect it, this is why a contract for the non-disclosure of information is signed between our artists and LBB.
Likewise, we make it a point of honor to ensure the best possible quality of service.

Monia Devissi, CEO of LBB,

With 15 years of experience in the high-end beauty industry, Monia has developed a network of handpicked professionals who know the codes of luxury and are used to a very demanding clientele.
Today, we are proud to put this network to your benefit, for services of impeccable quality.

For the beauty of your hostess teams, for a fashion show or a photo shoot, for the makeup and hairstyle of your service teams for a wedding ... Contact us, we will have solutions for you ...