Detox (purifying) treatment

Detox (purifying) treatment


This treatment allows you to thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove impurities and restore a fresh complexion to your face.

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When your complexion is dull and you have visible open pores, our beauty experts will offer you a purifying treatment. The active ingredients found in scrubs, serums or creams will be perfectly suited to free the skin from impurities, giving you clear, matte and purified skin. In each treatment we prepare the skin in order before application of the appropriate treatment.

We invite you to make a telephone appointment with your professional in order to establish your personalized diagnosis.

We have at your disposal several professionals who can respond to your request.

Estimated time

60 minutes

On your side

We ask you to choose a suitable and relaxing space where your professional can set up the massage table and perform the treatment.


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