Pedicure + Semi-permanent nail polish application

Pedicure + Semi-permanent nail polish application


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The beautician progresses towards beautifying your toenails; cut, file and repel cuticles, then immerse your feet in a relaxing and fragrant bath. After a few minutes remove the dead skin with a grater. She applies with a small massage the oil or the moisturizer leaving your feet beautiful and relaxed. This service is completed by a semi-permanent nail polish application, ensuring a long duration of 2 to 3 weeks. We have at your disposal several professionals who can respond to your request.

Choice of color

Your professional will bring a wide range of colors so that you can make your choice. It is recommended to use a professional nail polish in order to guarantee a correct installation, an impeccable result and an outfit lasting 2 to 3 weeks.

Estimated time

75 minutes

On your side

We ask you to choose a suitable space conducive to relaxation with two chairs and a table to put your feet on.


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