Pedicure + Nail polish application

Pedicure + Nail polish application


The pedicure consists in restoring feet nails and give them a beauty treatment. The beautician immerses your feet in a bath to soften your skin and relax you, then she polishes and files your nails to give them a shiny and clean effect.

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The beautician proceeds in beautifying your toenails; cut, file and repel cuticles, then immerse your feet in a relaxing and fragrant bath. After a few minutes she removes dead skin with a grater. She applies with a small massage the oil or the moisturizer leaving your feet beautiful and relaxed. This service is supplemented by the application of nail polish in the color of your choice. We have at your disposal several professionals who can respond to your request.

Choice of color

Your professional will bring a wide range of colors so that you can make your choice. You can also apply a nail polish that you have at home (as long as it is still usable).

Estimated time

60 minutes

On your side

We ask you to choose a suitable space conducive to relaxation with two chairs and a little table to put your feet on.


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