Jet Body Sculpt 90 min 2 zones

Jet Body Sculpt 90 min 2 zones


This intensive slimming treatment is designed to treat and fight against the appearance of cellulite.

It includes a drainage phase, a phase of penetration of targeted active ingredients and an anti-cellulite massage to make the skin smoother and more beautiful.

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The Jetpeel developed and created tailor-made protocols around the revolutionary JetPeel technology in order to provide high-efficiency results at the height of injections without needles.            

The innovative principle consists of spraying carefully selected active ingredients into the heart of the cells using supersonic pressure.          

This step precedes a drainage phase as well as an exfoliation to guarantee an optimal result .       

Admire your radiant skin evolving and transforming as the days go by 

Be prepared for a trip back in time.  

Estimated time

90 minutes


Jet Peel



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